• Tracked Music

The Girl With Stars In Her Hands (Stargirl)

by Smash / Theralite

  • Released 31 August 1999


Know something about this production that we don't?

From There Goes the Neigbourhood; "something a bit lighter to end with. this is a bit closer to the old style of amiga tracked "synthjazz" than realistic jazz music. i decided to go with all synths for the leads rather than stick in lots of live instruments. the leads were mainly sampled from my analogue synth, and the rhodes electric piano from my yamaha p50m piano module (the only track where i used that synth). in the chorus, the chords used were rhodes chords like in the rest of the song, but diskwritten and effected in soundforge for added wahwah. i think it has quite a warm feel to it. i tried to give the chorus a bit of a catchy lead, but the leads in the rest of it are slightly trickier.. watch out for the extended rhodes solo after the first chorus especially. this is the last track i started for the disk - it was started in january 99. once again its all built on the bass line. play it at the end of the disk."

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