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  • Released 7 August 2003

Know something about this production that we don't?

[ future cities ]

giant skyscrapers
heights never seen
machine architecture
always clean

cybobird swarms
circling towers of glass
droids and cyborgs
are flying hovercars

mirrored recursions
on solar energy cells
of a hologram preacher
digital churchbells

commercial adds
from allied companies
computer controlled
above the cities

"I've seen the future"

big thunderdomes
robotech warriors
polished chrome

complex constructions
ergonomic design
millions of netports
instant online

on the human head
wired interfaces
direct access

memory uploads
brain 2 machine
all information
on silicon dreams

"I've seen the future"

(c) 2003 Stefan Benz

-chiploop: Atari 8bit game "Ballblazer"

-"I've seen the future"-sample from ABC

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