Byterapers Grendelparty 1988

  • 8th - 14th August 1988
  • Iisalmi, Savo, Eastern Finland, Finland


Results file

Byterapers Grendelparty 1988 was held at a school in Iisalmi, Finland for the C64 and Amiga scenes. Attenders were mostly finnish, the only foreigners in attendence were two Norwegian groups and one American. Attendance was approximately 70-80 people. This was perhaps the first ever party to last a full week. The Cracker Journal report claimed it lasted from the 8th all the way to the 16th, but we choose to trust the information from Byterapers' webpage and Rape 1 (7 april); "our party is going to take place this year 1988 in finland starting 8th of august and ending 14th the same month so its 7 days long and there is coming quite a lot of people". Drinking was not officially allowed inside the party place.

Party reports were published in Scandinavian News 2 (16 august) and Cracker Journal 9 (24 september).

Results based on results.txt from (though the file contains an incorrect date in april of that year).


Commodore 64 - Invitation
Academy 1988


Amiga OCS/ECS - Cracktro
Accession Aug 1988
Commodore 64 - Demo
Beyond Force Aug 1988
Commodore 64 - Demo
Byterapers and The Action Force Aug 1988


C64 Demo

Commodore 64 - Demo
Commodore 64 - Demo
Commodore 64 - Demo
Commodore 64 - Demo
Commodore 64 - Demo
Commodore 64 - Demo
Commodore 64 - 16K Intro

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