Some small statistics about the compo:

• 3 songs in the compo, new low-record!
• 21 voters
• A total of 126 points to share
• The winner got 47 points out of a maximum possible of 63 points.
• For the first time: no unvalid votesheet received.

The rules for the competition were as follows:
• Goal: To make the best possible remix/cover of Belinda Carlisle's "Heaven is a place on earth"
• Any ATARI-YM format were allowed
• We allowed these extra formats: PSID (C=64), AHX (Amiga) and SAP (XL/XE)
• Sampled sounds were not allowed. Including digidrums
• Maximum 3 channels could be used
• The cover/remix could be freely remade, but had to be recongizeable to the original song

Chip Cover-Remix

Atari ST/E - Music
Atari ST/E - Music
Atari ST/E - Music

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