The Jungle Command, Magnificent Force and Joy Division Party 1989

  • 6th - 7th January 1989
  • Provincie Utrecht, Utrecht, Netherlands
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Held by The Jungle Command (TJC), Magnificent Force (MGF) and Joy Division (JOY) near Utrecht, Holland. It was a one-day party. About 30-40 amigas were present, unfortunately no information on other platforms or the number of actual people. Among the groups in attendance were Vision Factory & The Beyonders, The Band, Trilogy, Powerslaves and Alpha Flight. Reportedly, quite a few demos, games and tools were released.

Also known as Jungle Command Party 3.

First mentioned in Cracker Journal 11 (december 1988), where it simply said "TJC-MGF-JOY Party on 7.01.89!" Party reports were featured in Cracker Journal 12 (january 1989) and The Bad Tongue 6 (april 1989).


Amiga OCS/ECS - Pack
ANC Europe and U.G.A Software Jan 1989

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