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From the website, via Google Translate;

"The Meeting 99 is a NON COMMERCIAL coding party, organized by students from the IUP INFO Lille I. We gave ourselves this year more resources than in previous years for this Coding to become a reference in the North of France. For this, we have a room that is about 1200 m² (measures with the feet of Forest) only dedicated to coding (This room will be equipped with an electrical connection that has already supported a rock concert), and we hope to have GROS 'LOLOTS' to satisfy everyone. At the same time, a forum in another room (independent from the coding room) will be open to the public to present different themes:

Virtual reality
Network Games
and of course the CODINGs and all his achievements ...

Attention, this public aspect is totally INDEPENDENT of the Coding, its goal being to make people discover the new computer technologies and their applications (incidentally it allows us to finance the Coding :-)) If you are interested, you can access it FOR FREE, and if you are interested in more than that, you will be able to present topics yourself (but this is another story ...). That insiders reassure themselves, this coding will not derogate from the rule, it will be as delirious as the others: :-))))))))"



Windows - Demo

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