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From the webpage; "Timeline of the competition

- Deadline is 31.01.2007!
- There will be at least one week voting period after deadline
- Winning entries are declared at Icons'07 demoparty ending ceremony
- For more information about Icons'07 see
- Results are available on after ceremony.

Competition Rules:

- This competition is open to anybody worldwide.
- All entries must conform to the 32768 byte limit on swf size, mp3 accompanied as music can be any size but keep the size in sensible limits
- Maximum length of intro is 5 minutes, please try to stay within this limit.
- You can submit any amount of entries but you can only win single prize in case you get multiple top positions. But more entries, more glory and respect to you!
- Simple html wrapper can be provided but not needed and not calculated towards the limit
- No external libraries are allowed other than supported by Flash Player 9
- Intro must not require any interaction to run
- Sound can be included as MP3 file but swf must also be able to run if mp3 is omitted (this is done to check against obvious data in id3 tags hacks etc)
- You may use SoundMixer spectrum in intro, note however that intro should work if mp3 is removed from the same directory.
- Any swf generation tools are allowed, (Flex 2.0, Flash IDE, astd, mtasc, flashout, swfmill, etc.)
- You can provide source code with entry, but this is not required
- All entries will be shown on during and after the competition.
- Also the distribution packages will be downloadable after the competition (This can include readme.txt, sourcecode, file_id.diz etc)
- Competitior gives non-exclusive and non-transferable license to publish competition entries on
- SWF must be standalone and not depend on internet access. All entriese found connecting to other sources will be disqualified.
- A thumbnail image must be submitted with the entry to the competition management system. Width: 133px, height: 100px. Format: PNG, GIF or JPG. If entry uses different aspect ratio, please letterbox the thumbnail
- All material entered into a competition must be previously unreleased.
- The use of GPL'd / open sourced code must be declared, so give proper credit to your sources. Please note, that the use of someone else's code and just simply changing colors in the effects can be ruled by the organizers as being the same as using previously released material.
- Use of copyrighted material will automatically disqualify the entry.
- reserves the right to change any and all prizes, rules and prizing principles in competition.
- All productions must work with either IE 6.x or Firefox 1.0 (and later versions of these browsers).

Distribution Package:

Here is a example directory structure of qualifying entry:


32k SWF Demo

Flash - Demo
Flash - Demo
Flash - Demo
Flash - Demo
Flash - Demo

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