NEWS Party 1990

  • 8th - 10th June 1990
  • Schömberg, Karlsruhe Region, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

This legal (which was almost unheard of in 1990) party for the c64 and amiga scenes, was held at Jugendbildungsstaette in Schoember, Germany. The entry fee was 5DM. About 50 people were present in total, which was seen as a disappointment since the venue could easily hold 200. In addition to the computer activities, also a video room was present, where new movies were shown. Some stealing also occured, with hardware and other things going missing.

The party was mentioned in Brainstorm's Zine 5 as an upcoming event, and a party report was published in D-Tect's Hack-Mag 1.

Results based on News_Party_Results.txt from


C64 Demo

Commodore 64 - Demo
Commodore 64 - Demo
Commodore 64 - Demo
Commodore 64 - Demo
Commodore 64 - Demo

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