Berzan 1996:

"Berzan Party 16"

  • 27th - 28th April 1996
  • Linköping, Sweden

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Other Berzan parties:

Berzan Party 16 was held at Berzeliusskolan in Linköping, Sweden by Datasektionen for the amiga and pc scenes. Entrance was 70SKR with equipment, 40SKR without. Around-the-clock food and drink services was present. The party is also known under the name 'Berzan Party #$10' (16 in hex). Competitions were to be arranged for amiga demo, pc demo, graphics, 4ch music, multichannel music, and chip music.

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MS-Dos - Demo
Amiga AGA - Demo
MS-Dos - Demo


Tracked Music
Tracked Music

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