Image for the Enterprise platform

The Enterprise 64 was a very long-awaited computer, two years between its announcement and its marketing! It changed its name a lot of times: its first name was Elan 64, then Flan, lastly Enterprise.

It has great features, which wasn't found on all other home computers, like its interfaces, great graphics and sounds capacities provided by two special custom chips called "Nick" and "Dave".

The BASIC Interpreter is supplied on a ROM cartridge and can be easily replaced with any other language. This BASIC is a very powerful structured basic with great graphic commands and can store several programs simultaneously in RAM.

It has a small word processing in ROM and up to 32 computers can be linked together.

But despite its great characteristics and all its interfaces, the Enterprise 64 was a flop in the marketplace.

Several months later, a new model was launched: the Enterprise 128, which was nothing more than an Enterprise 64 with 128 KB RAM.
Unsold stocks of these systems (nearly all :-)), were sold to East-Europeans countries, and especially Hungary where it met great success. Thus, most nowadays Enterprise activity comes from here.

(Note: Description used with courtesy of http://www.old-computers.com)