Edit history for Who Cares by Art Project Studios and The Obsessed Maniacs

2017-07-26 09:53:44 100bit Added links: http://www.kebby.org/media/whocares.zip, http://csdb.dk/getinternalfile.php/59433/whocares.zip
2017-07-26 09:53:19 100bit Added link https://www.pouet.net/prod.php?which=5058
2014-05-09 19:38:37 tomaes Added credit for DJ Bobo on Who Cares: Code, Graphics
2014-05-09 19:37:47 tomaes Added credit for WVL on Who Cares: Code
2014-05-09 19:37:13 tomaes Added credit for Prince on Who Cares: Code, Graphics
2014-05-09 19:36:49 tomaes Added credit for Luke on Who Cares: Code, Graphics
2014-05-09 19:36:22 tomaes Added credit for KB on Who Cares: Code, Graphics (font), Music
2014-05-09 16:10:30 tomaes Set author to 'The Obsessed Maniacs + The Art Project Studios'
2014-05-09 16:07:31 tomaes Added link http://noname.c64.org/csdb/release/?id=3319
2014-05-09 16:01:30 tomaes Updated link ftp://ftp.scs-trc.net/pub/c64/Demos/pal/t/The_Art_Project_Studios/Who_Cares.zip
2014-05-09 16:01:14 tomaes Added production 'Who Cares'