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Originally released in 1997 by Olivier Lapicque, ModPlug Tracker was one of the first trackers for Microsoft Windows (maybe even the first - need sources for verification). Lapicque kept developing MPT for a few more years until he released the source code in early 2004. Since then, the tracker (now known as Open ModPlug Tracker / OpenMPT) has been fixed and expanded by various other developers.

OpenMPT can play a wide variety of module formats and natively supports editing of MOD, XM, S3M, IT and MPTM files. It can be used both for creating oldschool sample-based tracked music as well as a modern DAW with VST plugin support.

libopenmpt is a cross-platform module playback library based on the OpenMPT core, offering the same playback quality to a variety of other programs.

Old versions can be found in the release archive.


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