• Diskmag

SeenPoint 1

by Sardonyx

Know something about this production that we don't?

The magazine works on all Amigas, but the title picture is only shown on AGA machines.

Fiver/Artwork^TRSI, Sol/Lego, SMT/Artwork^Haujobb and Ghandy/Gods appeared as guest artists.

Features interviews with Deltaforce/Delirium, Fiver/Artwork^TRSI and Maxwell.


  • Calladin - Graphics (title picture)
  • Chucky - Other (news collecting)
  • Fishwave - Other (main editor, news collecting)
  • Fiver - Graphics (panels)
  • Ghandy - Text (guest editor), Other (news collecting)
  • SMT - Music
  • Sol - Graphics (fonts)
  • Syntax - Code, Text (guest editor)


SMT / Artwork ^ Haujobb Sep 1995

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