• Cracktro

Thundercats Cracktro

by The Exceptions / The Union


Know something about this production that we don't?

the union rides again ! this time we deliver you thundercats from elite busted by daryl of tex again , mr. northen was good for a real loud laughter. free with this crack: the fantastic, 64-equal, whittaker-beating, ear-blasting, thundercats-soundtrack. another masterpiece from mad max no one can do it better! hear it loud'n'proud! again we want to express our everlasting deep respect to the following rulers of the 68000 processor: the bladerunners (especially 42-crew) , b.o.s.s. (cool version of giana sisters), tcb, a-ha, was (not was), tga, zaphod, acc, alyssa, aod, dma, hofa, fog, softrunner. goodbye ladies (we hope you're out there) and gentlemen, onward to the next union-crack!


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