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Cracker Journal 20

by Alpha Flight

Know something about this production that we don't?

Gator/Beating Bytes, Big Al/Ecstasy, Dr. Doolitle/Spreadpoint, Jason (independent), Mark/Subway, Megablast/Dragons, Pirate/AOFCF, Prime Time (independent), Spider/Tarkus Team, Sterling/Savage, The Nameless One (independent), The Special Brothers (group), Vision One and Zylon/Alpha Flight (groups), Whiteheat/Tristar and Turbo/Zombie Boys (credited as just Zombie Boys) all apeared as guest artists.

Features interviews with Spider/Tarkus Team, The Special Brothers, Munster/Spreadpoint and reports from AOFCF Beach Party 1990, Swedish Elite Easter Conference 1990 and the Red Sector, Alpha Flight & Spectral Party 1990.



Beating Bytes May 1990

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