• Diskmag

R.A.W 2

by Pure Metal Coders


Know something about this production that we don't?

To install the magazine to your harddisk (there is no installer on the disk), remember that the disk/assign MUST be called "R.A.W:". The intro specifically needs KillAGA or similar on AGA machines.

This issue carried multiple articles reporting from The Party 1991, as well as interviews with PGCS, Mr. Hyde, Jawbreaker, Lone Starr and Jason.

The news in the news section that Zephyr/Amaze joined Vision Factory are incorrect.

Featured reviews of the diskmagazines Zine 11, I.C.E 7, Hack-Mag 7, McDisk 3, Stolen Data 7, Trader 5, Top Secret 9, Slime 6, Free'n'Easy 2, Cracker Journal 27, Maggy 11 and Blip Verts 4, and the demos Odyssey, Hardwired, Voyage.


Packed in:

Intryx Feb 1992

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