Photocell 1x1 (pc)

by Anadune

  • Released 6 August 1999
  • MS-Dos


A release date for this slideshow is not really known, except it was released some time before the Gravity 4 party, held from 03-05.09 this year. The latest filedate inside the archive (for the main executable) is 06.08.1999, and this is a likely release date.

The included pictures are, in order of appearance; Elf-Main (menu background), Adventure, Jump!, Y'On, Hanka, Lost-X, Anadune, Iogo, Space-P (actually Space-Pussy, released at Intel Outside 1996), And-WWW (featuring an uncredited logo by Lazur), Landlord, Sunrise, Rage, Holo-Prism and finally Landlady. In addition to this comes a couple of fullscreen introductory screens.



Sol / Anadune

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