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Crinkler 2.0

by Loonies and TBC

Know something about this production that we don't?

Release notes;

28.07.15: 2.0:  /TINYHEADER option: smaller decompressor for 1k intros.
                /TINYIMPORT option: smaller import code for 1k intros.
                /EXPORT option to export code and data symbols.
                /SATURATE option to saturate context counters.
                /FALLBACKDLL option for when a DLL is not available.
                /UNALIGNCODE option to set alignment of all code to 1.
                Support for /REPLACEDLL during recompression.
                Consistent size between model estimation and reordering.
                Header size reduced by 2 bytes.
                Print previous size of output file.
                Accept version specifier after /SUBSYSTEM value.
                Switched from Intel OpenMP to MSVC concurrency API.


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