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Bad News 4

by Pulse

  • Released 5 April 1996
  • MS-Dos

Know something about this production that we don't?

Ari/Scalaris, Medicus/KLF, Ghenesis/The Grid, Jabbar/Fortress, Shadow/Substance, Draken/Substance, Alek/Shocker, Asterod (independent), Astra/Absence, Avatar/Bottom, Aweson/Illusion, Baloo/Taste, Beavis/Necrobiosis, Beherit (independent), Caesar/Absence, Crazybrich (independent), Ctp (independent), Daktota/Fbi, Dr. J (independent), Ender/Scalaris, Elmek (independent), Escort/Intruders PC, Fazi/Logrus, Falcon/Substance, Gimli (independent), Goofy/Taste, Heya/Absence, HopplesCat (independent), Insahn/Necrobiosis, Ironhead (independent), Jacool/Nightmare, Key G/Substance, Khorne/Fnoll Team, Klaf/Scalaris, Kyle/Status O.K., Lifter/True Genius, Loke (independent), Lsd/Hypnotize, MadShocker/Gothic, Morbus/Abs/Stc, Nimrod/Fortress, Novi, Ozir/Hypnotize, Outsider (independent), Raptor/Illicit, Rem/DL, Robo/Absence, Rooster/Stc, Sagrael/SAF, Skowron/Funzine, Sabat/Scalaris, Slade/Taboo, Slope/Rebellion, Sparrow (independent), SweetVoice (independent), Technomancer (independent), Timer/Scalaris, Toaster/Atlantic, Tornado (independent), Underexposure/Malfunction, Wain/Spin, Venom (independent), Virus, Yorph, Yarpen/Substance, Zenial/Distorsion appeared as guest artists.

The loader picture is Burton by Niko. The gallery section features the pictures Ksiadz by Sketch/Pulse, Loove by Made/Pulse, Ms. Lisa by Antony/Pulse and Girl by Draken/Substance.

Features party reports from The Party 1995, General Probe 1996 and Intel Outside 1995, as well as "dusty" reports from The Party 1994 and X 1995.

Features interviews with Darkness/Imphobia, Metal/Analogue, Unreal/Pulse, Maf/Camorra, Gatekeeper/Xtacy and Yarpen/Substance.



XTD / Pulse Apr 1996
Scorpik / Pulse Apr 1996

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