Features Update to AlienBreed 3D Codes (28/11/95) by Insane, Alien Fishfinger full docs by Data Division, Amiga Main Internet List 1138 (30-Nov-1995), Benefactor level passwords by Scrapper/Junkyard, Amiga CD32 Frequently Asked Questions Version 3.0 (2nd Dec 1995) by Stuart Tomlinson, Club & Country Full Documentation (17/12/95) by Iggy/Hellfire, Championship Manager Italia Codes by Cyanide/LSD, Data Store V1.1 (15-11-95) by DIT, Dungeon Master II General Hints and Tips, Dynamite Level Passwords by Cyanide/LSD, Forest Dumb Level Passowrds by Cyanide/LSD, LSD's Grapevine Report by jEI/LSD, Hillsea Lido full documentation (30th November) by Iggy/Hellfire, Lost In Mine Level Passwords by Cyanide/LSD, Money Matters 4 (14-12-95) by DIT/LSD, Movem Level Passwords by Cyanide/LSD, Penguins full documentation (30/11/95) by Iggy/Hellfire, Pinball Prelude by Hellfire, Player Manager 2 Extra full docs (23/12/95) by Illicit/LSD, Playstation Codes/Cheats & Tips FAAQ V2.0 (10-14-95) by Game Zero Magazine, Amiga Formats Exploring Real3D by Cyanide/LSD, Space Crusader keys, Super Tennis Champs docs (25 Nov 1995) by Demonlord/LSD, The Citadel full documentation by Guzzman/Prodigy, Wheelspin AGA/ECS full documentation by Guzzman/Prodigy and Zeewolf 2 quick docs (19/12/95) by Illicit/LSD.


  • Axen - Other (additional help)
  • Cyanide - Graphics (copyright screens)
  • Fish - Graphics (additional), Other (pack editor)
  • Mub - Music
  • Prisoner - Graphics (loading screen)
  • Raptor - Code


Mub Dec 1991

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