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by Aleksi Eeben

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From the MiniGame website;

Centipede but with some twists. Fast paced action, good controls, nice graphics, good SFX, addictive gameplay. Some levels would have been nice. Still IMO one of the best submissions of 2006. But with one major flaw: You can stay at the left side almost forever. Doesn't work on the right side, so that should be fixable quite easy. / thrust26

Nice twist on a familiar game, with addictive gameplay and good sounds. / Zach

Excellent game with frenzy action ! / Euphoric

Rather generic Centipede clone that will occasionally deadlock the pedes. Just staying on the left border will keep the screen clear up until some 15K score. Fitting Atarilike SFX. / Cybergoth

Nice graphics - smooth animations, clear objects, nice flashing explosion. Lots of different, well-done sounds. Controls like a dream; rapid fire is especially welcome. Gameplay is fantastic, kept me coming back for more. Nice balance, good difficulty, just plain shooting fun. / vdub_bobby

It's an obvious centipede/gridrunner clone, which we've seen in this competition a few times before, so no great marks for originality. However, it plays very well and makes good use of the features of the VIC20. One of the best entries this year. / Matt_B

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