Danish Board List #02 (July 1995)

by Passion

Advert for Genetic Bodyparts

Lists the boards Battle Field, Bomb The Bass, Bodycount, Critical Zone, Concious Dream, Deep Space Nine, Electronic Confusion, Fatal Justice (sysop Logic), Hostile Behavior (sysop Black Virus/Edge), Illegal Connection (sysop Acoma), Imperial (sysop Menace/Superiors), Infectius (sysop Darkwing/Galaxy/Superiors), Land of Frosties (sysop Saxman/Nexus 7), Mainline (sysop Dux/Poisen), Megabyte (sysop Nashua/Outlaws), Mental Insanity (sysop Mr. Orion/Visage), Mercyful Fate (sysop Metal Force/Prodigy), Metal Connextion (sysop Wozzy/Skid Row/Delight), Necrophilia (sysop Spellbinder/Restless), Northern Palace (sysop Playmate/Access), Phaze Out (sysop Terminator/Poisen), Plastic Passion (sysop Tarzan/Crystal), Primal Rage (sysop Deliveryman/Poison/Galaxy), Sky Tower (sysop Enzo), Somewhere Online (sysop Hellhound/Intens), Static Chaos (sysop Json/Kingdom),
Susperia (sysop Zany/Vanity/Poisen), The Channel (sysop [Marc]/Skid Row/RST/Superiors), Tombstone (sysop Alf/Alpha Flight/Mystic/Poisen), The Larch (sysop Yobbo/Rebels) and Warez Unlimited (sysop Gilthanas/Vanity).

The link for Sky Tower leads to Somewhere Online, and the link for that board does not work. The text can be read in the guide file itself, though, so it's just a typing error.


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