Shine 2 info: SHINE#2.NFO

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               ÜÜÜ       Û²±                       ÜÜ                ÜÜ
              Ûß ßÛÜ    Þ²±                 þÜ    ²ß þÛÜ            Ûß þ
             ÞÝ    ÛÜ   ²±                  ÛÛß  ÞÝ    ÛÝ          ÞÝ  ÞÝ
             Û      ÛÝ ²±Ý ÜÜÜ             Þ²    Û     Þ²          Û    Û
            ÞÛ      Þ²Þ²Ûþß    ÛÜ          Þ    Þ²      Û²        ÞÝ    Û
            ÞÝ      ÛÝ²Û        ÛÝ         Ü    ÞÝ      ÞÛ²       ÞÝ   ÞÝ
            ²Ý      Û²ÛÝ        Þ²        ÛÝ    ÛÝ       ²ÛÝ      ²    Û
°°[dK/SMP]° ± °°°° ÞÝÛÛ °°°°°°° ²Ý °°°°° ÞÛ °°° ² °°°°°°  ÛÛ  °°° Û ° ÞÝ °°°°°°
            ²     ÜßÞÛÝ        ÞÛ        ÛÝ     Û         ÞÛÛ     ÛÝ ÞÛ
           Þ² ú þ   ÛÛ         ÛÝ       Þ²     ÞÛ          ÛÛ²    ÞÛÜÛ
         þ ÞÝ      ÞÛÝ        ÞÛ        ÛÛ     ÞÝ           ÛÛ²   Û²ß
       ß   ÞÝ      ÛÛ         ÛÝ       ÞÛÝ     ²Ý           ÞÛÛ²ÜÛÝÛÝ
           ²Ý     ÞÛÝ         ÛÝ       ÛÝú     ±Ý             ßÛÛß ÞÛ
     Þ     ÛÝ     ÛÛ          Þ²      ÞÛ Þ     ²Ý                   Û²Ü
          ÞÛÝ    ÞÛÝ           ÛÝ     Û       Þ²Ý                    ÛÛÛ²Ü
      Ý   ÛÛ     Û²Ý            ßÜ  Üß    Ý   ²Û                      ß²±°
       þÜ²ß     Þ²Û               ßß       þÜ²ß                         ß
       i   s    s    u    e      #     2     i   n   f   o   f   i   l   e

 yeah, another issue of your favourite waste of space production is finally
 released. with this issue we have had more trouble than Bruce Lee had when
 he fought Chuck Norris in the motion picture "The Way Of The Dragon" We have
 had trouble with everything. But anyway, you probably don't wan't to read
 about our troubles do you? I can tell you that Shine issue 2 includes so
 great graphics and so great music, you never wan't to press that escape
 button when you see it? feel excited? Yeah, don't be a pussy, be a man,
 run "shine#2.exe" one more time..
 Ohhh, did I mention that it is delayed?

 los creditos:
 code:                                                             Camel/Pulse
 graphics:                                                           Made/Bomb
 music:                                                            Radix/TPOLM
 editors:                                                        Goofy & Baloo
 Pancakes with strawberry jam to Patrik/Cascada, who really tried to help us.
 Also some pies to guys that wrote some text to us, like Remdy (hey! will you
 start make some demo soon?) and Dreamer/Sublogic.
 Halloween today. No pumpkins here, except for Smashing Pumpkins in my ear-
 Ohh. We TAKE ABSOLUTELY NO RESPONSIBLITY if your computer start makin' pan-
 cakes with jam to Camel or start smoke some cigarrets or if your harddrive
 dancing limbo with a bimbo or so. YOU RUN SHINE AT YOUR OWN RISK!! DON'T
 BLAME US IF ANYTHING GOES WRONG! (hopefully it won't do that anyway)
 There is no hidden part in this issue. But press the "Shine Awards Logo"

 Shine really need power.
 p75, 8mb, soundcard, mouse, keyb.
 really think that should be it. should contain these files.
 mag.arc                                        - Articles and Graphics.
 shine#2.exe                                    - guess what this file do.
 shine#2.nfo                                    - this file.
 file_id.diz                                    - description file.
 shn3vote.txt                                   - the file you must fill in.
 music1.xm                                      - Radix's tune
 music2.xm                                      - Caramel's tune

 Also I better tell you folks, if you wan't shine more often, you better
 start makin' some articles or such to us, send us your articles that was
 meant to be in the diskmag starting with an "I" and ends with "mphobia"
 We really need it. And I have to give Off and Made some hugs, they did
 really understand this with the "Support Us!" article in issue #1 of Shine.
 You must send all your works to :

 So, me and Baloo, have figured out that a "group" that makes shine is kind
 beutiful, so we thought that you people want to join Shine. (yeah, it sounds
 to silly with Shine Crew or Shine Team, doesn't it?) What we need is:
 Votecounters :)
 We thought that musicians and graphicians are quite unnecessery since we
 pick them by our heart, and it would be quite hard if we get too many pics
 and they're hard to judge, and we have to choose the best one in our thoughts
 and maybe bla. bla. bla. bla... it's hard to explain. We wan't to have the
 power to take which pics we wan't to have in shine. And, Off, your pic will
 be cover for Issue#3.
 So, what about Shine#3 then? I will not promise anything, but I think it will
 be out around February or Mars next year (it will probably be 2000 anyway) and
 then we will have a brand new interface, which will try to have it for every
 issue, so it won't look the same issue after issue. That is boring.
 Issue #3 will be more powerful. Maybe we'll include a hidden part in it.

 stay healthy and support us.