PPSG Tracker v1.501F info: ppsg_docv1.501F.txt

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PPSG v1.404F LGPL3 for Windows Download@: https://silokkis.blogspot.com
------------------------------ 07.07.2019
Design and Programming by Robert Katsenos.

          _______/\ ___/\   __/\ _/\_____/\    ___/\    ______/\_______/\ ______/\   __/\ _/\______/\
         /   _____//  _  \ |    |   \      \  /  _  \  /    ___/_____    \\_____  \ |    |   \____   \
         \_____  \/  /_\  \|    |   /   _   \/  /_\  \/    / ___|       _/ /   |   \|    |   /    ___/
         /        \   |    \    |  /    |    \   |    \    \_\  \    |   \/    |    \    |  /    |
         \________/___|____/______/\____|____/___|__  /\______ _/____|_ _/\_________/______/_____|

- 1.501F: Sets Framesync back to 0 on Playerstart. Base Frame/Hz rate is 50.
- 1.404F: Player call back on "OnUpdate"
- 1.403F: Player call is now on top of the Renderfunction.
- 1.402F: The Decay calculation in the divison sequence has been changed.
- 1.401F: A Undo-Array bug has been removed and the undo counter is now working for all note input moves.
- 1.40F : Songposition up/down with Mousewheel has been implemented. Arp in Repeatmode or oneshot.
          Add/sub Pattern Buttons, has been added. A slightly faster Dceay.
- 1.306f: More Depth in PWM-Sweep. Cls is disabled when playing. Framecount is on the beginning of Play-call.
- 1.305f: The Instrument Trigger is only set when Volume>0 at Pos. and not anymore every "frame/spd".
- 1.304f: Stop note before next has been added and changed to a Method again. Framebuffer has been removed.
- 1.303f: The Playerroutine got a Framebuffer of 1msec. Line follower has been changed to linedraw function.
- 1.302f: Quickupdate. A Variable for the Gui drawing has been changed, which was accidentally removed.
- 1.301f: A New Follow-Mode has been added. Old Pattern scrolling has been removed.
          Gui/Pattern drawing is slower ( not the framespeed ).
- 1.233b: Added a Milliseconds Buffer for the Framecounter, of at least 1 millisecond.
- 1.232b: Gui drawing has been seperated into a Function (Only relevant for the Editor)
- 1.231b: Changing from Soft_Oal to OpenAL32.
- 1.230b: Added a FileRequester
          64bit Version Availabe
          Backspace at Inputfields now possible
          Changed to 50 HZ Basespeed
          Pulsewidth Sweep on the first 3 Waveforms
          15 Different Speedvalues are now possible
          Keyboard Layout Switch (qwerty/Qwertz)
          A few Debugs including Buttonzones
- 1.017f: The Env/Decay speed has been changed to fit more into the timing.
          NoteCut has been changed back to pause channel.
- 1.016f: Secondary change, Cutnote=pausechannel to stop.
- 1.015f: Channels playing separately as Function and not as Method.
- 1.014f: All Graphics have been removed, some drawing issues.


 What is this ?

 The meaning of PPSG is simply, Pseudo Programmable Soundgenerator.
 It's capable to produce Chipsounds and Music from the 8-bit aera, in a Sound Tracker interface
 for Windows Systems.

Functional keys are in this list...

           F1 = Play from Start
           F2 = Play from Position
           F5-F8 = Channelmute/on/off
           F9 = Copytrack
           F10 = Paste Track

           SPACE = Record on/off
           PAGE UP or Mousewheel up = Songposition up
           PAGE DOWN or Mousewheel down = Songposition down

Songs are only available from the "data/songs/" Folder. Click the Input Field Below to enter
a Filename.

           Track Format:

           Note Keys are from the lowest letter row, "Y" or "Z",
           which is the lowest C note, up to "P", the highest playable note on the keyboard.

           You can move with the cursor, arrow keys.

           "." = Delete Notes
           "Plus Key" or "Bracket Closed" = Pitch Down "-DN"
           "Number Key" or "Backslash" = Pitch up "-UP"
           "<" = Instrument Stops playing
           "TAB" = Fast Channel Switching
           "-" or "Slash" = Pattern End Mark


   WAV -> Here you change the base Waveform
   PWM -> Pulse Width Modulation for the first 3 Waveforms
   SWP -> Pulse Width Sweep
   ENV -> The length of the sound fade out is labeled Envelope.
   E2P -> Env to Pitch, is modulating the Sound Pitch by the Envelope.
   ARP -> Arpeggiator - with two modulation values.
   SPD -> The Speed of the ARP cycles.
   AMT -> The Amount of the ARP Modulation.
   RPT -> Arpeggiator Repeat 0=loop,1=one shot.

SPECIAL THANKS & Greetings To:
               Zoner from Nectarine (Thanx for the help!)
               Serpent (Yeah sauna fella!)
               Shinobi (version 4711)
               Phlubby_Gnome (Thanx for testing!)
               Rapture (Thanx for testing man!)

Projectpage: https://silokkis.blogspot.com