• Cracktro

Flashback - Another World II +2

by Supplex


Know something about this production that we don't?

Promotes the bbs'es The Devil's Den WHQ (714-273-0630), World Violation EHQ (+49-40-524-4517), The Dark Tower (801-476-9068), Crazy World (+46-8-605-4434), Metal Decade (+49-711-7775990), Virtual Reality (+45-751-628 55), Hidden Power (SiTE, +39-(0)40350660), The Terrordome (SiTE, +49-ELITE ONLY!) and Desolate One (SiTE, +49-ELITE ONLY), and lists a P.O. Box in Graz, Austria for contact.

Flite/Sceptic and Wigwam/Sceptic appeared as guest artists.

Based on the Interpol release of the game.


  • Biscrok - Graphics (animated stars)
  • Flite - Graphics (logo)
  • Logo 7 - Code (intro, trainer)
  • Sire - Graphics (charset), Music
  • Wigwam - Code (menu)

Packed in:

5th Generation Nov 1993


Sire / Supplex Dec 1992

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