• Game

Harry Hedgehog

by Rob Pearmain


Know something about this production that we don't?

From the MiniGame website;

Frogger/Freeway variant with pretty simple gameplay Nice grafics (but with some glitches), no SFX, good increasing diffculty, collision detection IMO much too forgiving / thrust26

Moderately fun mini-game. Collision detection is a litle flawed. / Zach

Nice, i like it. / fikee

Smooth sprites moves, but some graphical bugs and collision detection problems. / Euphoric

Unfortunately more Freeway than Frogger, also a bit buggy it seems. / Cybergoth

Nice looking, though some glitches. Nicely done, responsive controls. Collision detection is pretty iffy, though, and after a while the cars are moving so fast that it is more luck than skill. Better to increase difficulty through more cars than just through ramping up the speed. / vdub_bobby

Easily the best of the Spectrum entries. There's a nice sprite engine and the increasing difficulty with levels makes it very playable. The only thing holding it back is the lack of polish, with the scoring in particular looking a bit messy. / Matt_B

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