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I, Worm 1k

by Sergio Vaquer


Know something about this production that we don't?

From the MiniGame website;

At first glance interesting combination of worms and puzzle game. Would IMO be better with some more action. Good graphics, some basic sound, scoring. I don't like the idea that you (often) accidentially kill yourself when going back. Yet, it is still way too easy. And it doesn't seem to get any more difficult. With some polishing on the gameplay (less moves!), this might become something quite good. 100 levels? Wow! Generated on-the-fly? / thrust26

Nice puzzle game, and fitting in 100 levels is impressive. Opening levels are very easy, and it'd be nice to be able to skip them. / Zach

Not bad for basic. The only things that levels are generated by reading a ROM so its too much easy. Idea is interesting for a 1k game. / fikee

Lots of levels, but they don't seem very challenging / Euphoric

Will it get challenging later? I played the first 25 levels in a single session, ending each with 20-50 reserve moves... / Cybergoth

Uses too little of screen. A puzzle game with dead-simple puzzles. Not much here. / vdub_bobby

It's fairly well implemented, and the graphics are quite nice. However I think the game lacks challenge, as you can just walk through level after level without thinking. It could work a lot better with three or four designed levels than a hundred random ones. / Matt_B

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