QA Space

by Compiuter


From the MiniGame website;

Too simple even for 1K and too easy too. Extremely simple GFX which don't even utilize the screen. The SFX starts to annoy soon. / thrust26

I don't like it. / fikee

It could be quite addictive, but it lacks a score/progress indicator... / Euphoric

That's BASIC, or? / Cybergoth

Clunky scrolling, flicker on far right are hard on the eyes. Hard to control the spaceship; unresponsive. Gameplay is very shallow - too repetitive. Lack of score or progress indicator also hurt. / vdub_bobby

This is fairly well implemented but I think the flickery graphics let it down a bit. The gameplay also seems very simple - it's easier to die by collecting too many power ups than by being killed - so it doesn't have a lot of long term challenge. / Matt_B

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