• Pack

Utility Disk V4.0

by Digitech and Italian Bad Boys


Know something about this production that we don't?

Released at "DIGITECH'S 4:TH MINIPARTY" according to the scrolltext. Also references Digitech - IBB Summer Conference 1989 as an upcoming event, and that took place in july of 1989 - so release date is likely spring or early summer of 1989.

In addition to the scene utilities in the pack, it also features Disk Repair V2.3 by The Disk Mechanic, DiskSalv V1.3 by Dave Haynie 1988, Disk Workshop V2.3, DiskX V2.2A by Steve Tibbett, VirusX V2.01, VirusKiller 2.00 by PVL, GUARDIAN v1.2 Antivirus Bootstrap (May 19th 1988) by Leonardo Fei, Showiz 1.0 by J.L. White 1988, GuruInfo V1.0, Screambler V1.01 by Foster Hall, ShowFont 2.0 by Arthur Johnson Jr., MemClear by John Hodgson 1986, TaskMaster, Tune-Up V2.3, Picture Mover, Supered_C by Erwin Kleibhofer, GOMF (Get Outa My Face) V2.2, Tax.

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