Copydisk 1 - German

by The Light Circle



Features Superkit Version 1.0 (1987) by Prism Software, Marauder II V1.2 (11/04/87) by Rock Ross & Richard Williamson / Discovery Software International, Inc., Project D Release 1.0C (1988) by Fuller Computer Systems, Inc., QuickNibble V1.4 (1987) by Copperstate Business Systems, A Copier Version 1.00 (1986) by Megasoft Ltd., Disk Man V1.0 (June 87) by Greg Cunningham, RazboCOPIER by Oren Peli / BazboSOFT, TxEd, Amiga-Copy V1.2 by R. Gelfand and S. Thubeauville.

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