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Hello Gravediggers!

Once again Newline brings you the latest
and greatest in todays technology - a 
MOD Tracker! *applause*

This dates back to 1991 and lives on the
Atari ST (yes that one with no digi 
sound). *more applause*

In this one I dared to re-code the MOD 
logic from scratch (had no ProTracker  
play source when i started), so this is 
incompatible as hell :) *gasps, booing*

Had some nifty stuff like using top/
bottom border overscan, a notator, TCB
MOD format conversions, multiple output 
options (YM, Printer Port, STE etc.).

Managed to find an early build, so 
whattheheck, here it is, everything for
Nordlicht! *claps, mumbling, drinking*