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Bits 'n Pieces 45

by Devious Dezigns


Know something about this production that we don't?

Release date is an estimate.

Also features 15khz hack on 1084S (textfile), Alien Target passwords by Ishar/IDP (textfile), After 5 years I decided to unplug the bbs by Tex Agile of Offshore BBS (textfile), EUROPES CHAOS IS BACK ! by Trion (textfile), International Free Calls (textfile), Latest CBM News (textfile), Shadow Fighter AGA HD Info by Aksum (textfile), BarTender V1.1 (tool), FlushLibs391.lha (tool), Magic Backdrop Deamon v1.1b by Rasmus Pedersen, Liquid Dreams software (tool), NerveEX V1.0 by Torsten Ebeling (tool), Quickfile v3.8 by Alan Wigginton (tool), ReadRDB 0.1 (7-Jan-95) by Gerard Cornu (tool), Repack 1.0 by Mat Bettinson of the Plot Hatching Factory '95 (tool), Rings - a Public-screen "Moving Ring" graphic display Version 1.1 by Tim Kreuzer (tool), ScreenTab 1.13 (1994) by Michael Link (tool).



Deadlock / Slam! Jan 1995

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