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Entry for Assembly 2019 Oldskool Demo competition

Production: "PYO PYO"

Group:      Rustbloom


Hardware Requirements

Roughly this kind of old DOS PC:
      - Pentium 133 MHz
      - 16 MB should be enough
    Sound card:
      - Gravis UltraSound (1MB memory)
    Decent Graphics Adaptor:
      - e.g. S3 Trio64 is sufficient, Tseng ET6000 recommended

The demo runs relatively fine also on DOSBox.
Use "cycles=fixed 90000".


tonic, stRana, Changgu


- Thanks to Sean Eron Anderson for "Bit Twiddling Hacks":
- Font based on "Hong Kong Hustle" by Iconian Fonts -
- stb_image: public domain image loader by Sean Barrett et al.
- MIDAS Sound System 0.7 (hmqa07b1 version): Written by Petteri Kangaslampi and Jarno Paananen; Copyright 1996, 1997 Housemarque Inc.
- EFLA: Extremely Fast Line Algorithm Var E (Addition Fixed Point PreCalc); Copyright 2001-2, By Po-Han Lin;
- Blackhole effect was inspired by
- Blue Noise data by Christoph Peters (CC0 Public Domain)
- XLINK version 2.02: Copyright (c) 1994,95 by J.E. Hoffman aka Jinx!
- Open Watcom compiler:
- PMODE/W: Copyright (c) 1994-1997, Charles Scheffold and Thomas Pytel

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