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Jurassic Pack 9

by Scarab

Mr. Tickle/Darkage, Budgie/100% Prophets, Malmis/Nature, Bridgeclaw/Darkage^Gods, Asarhad/Corrosion^Reason, AcidRain/Team Power Amiga, Reload/J.L.R., Tripper/Reason^Moods^Void, Cheetah/Ephidrena, 3DAddict, Maze/Apathy and Adam/DCS appeared as guest artists.

"Conan" by Bridgeclaw/Gods and "Candle 1" by Asarhad/Reason^Corrosion are the title pictures.



mAZE / Apathy Feb 2002
LCR Feb 2002
Dodge Feb 2002
Mice Feb 2002
Reed Feb 2002
Tripper Feb 2002
Tripper Feb 2002
mAZE Feb 2002

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