• Cracktro

The Simpsons

by Agile

Know something about this production that we don't?

Nemo is not directly credited, but circumstancial evidence (text in the startup-sequence and in memory) lead me to believe he is in fact the cracker here.

Promotes the bbs'es Illicit Illusion (713-399-3160), Black Plague (908-527-8850), Pleasure Dome (+46-16-127263), The Graveyard (+44-91-5160560), Twilight Zone (+49-511-456592) and Reign In Blood (+49-203-4060981).

Trained by Schlappi.

Original bbs file listing;

SIMPSONS.DMS P 531166  07-03-91  The Simpsons vs Space Mutants from Ocean
                                 Cracked by Agile



Fred / Agile Jul 1991

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