Comet Jockeys info: readme.txt

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Title:		Comet Jockeys
Author:		Carrion / BONZAI
Platform:	Commodore 64
Format:		Multicolor (A standard C64 gfx mode - no sw/hw tricsk)
Tools used:	Photoshop + Timanthes + Exomizer

Author's notes:
I started with this moving moon idea right after my Amiga demo called Alien Apparat (2017?). But couldn't come up with idea for 3-4 years. 
But, because there was a compo aproaching I decided I'll reuse some of the old ideas/pics and that's how idea for this pic came out. I added some face to the planet and the rest followed quite quickly... I've added the rocks (also reused from my previous pics), the jockeys and my friend, Trap/BONZAI had this idea of one of them posign with the Metal/Devil/Rock hand gesture (Thanks TRAP!!!).
The sketch was done entirely in Photoshop (which is usual for my paint process). Phases 1-4 were done in PS which gives me the freedom of easy composition and  objects placing/manipulation. This part of the work took like 1 day. The phases from 5-8 were pixeled in Timanthes (a C64 gfx PC tool) which took like 3 days.
Still, I consider this one as one of the easiest,technicaly wise, of my pictures, but I liked the atmosphere and the joy was here while pixeling, and I really apreciate a contribution from my fellow groupmates. BONZAI!!!!

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