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How to run this demo?

If you have ZXUno or compatible device(ZX-GO, +UNO etc) just extract 
archive to some folder of SD card(demo uses esxDOS, not +3e).

If you want try it in emulator - you may use ZEsarUX emulator.

You need:
1. esxDos distribution extracted to folder(same version as used ROM image)
2. extract demo in some folder inside "sd-card" drive folder
3. Enable esxDos handler to "virtual sdcard" folder(better after success boot)
4. Make shure that new graphic modes enabled in ZX-Uno's BIOS
5. Enter NMI commander and run tap-file that's run demo

This demo using gigascreen between two different video modes - so you may need tune
video rendering options and disable video mode change labels.

I've tested this demo ONLY ON REAL ZXUNOs(EXP26/EXP27 on ZXUno 4.2 and +UNO) cause ZEsarUX 
on Linux sometimes gone crazy with my demo.