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Hijack #3

by Hijack

Advert for Coliseum aka Colisevm, Hijackers Elite, Mute City

  • Released 8 October 1993
  • MS-Dos


Know something about this production that we don't?

Promotes the bbs'es The Digital Underground (+49-GET-LOST-MAN, sysop Teddy), Pentacle BBS (+49-FOREVER-DOWN, sysop Maverick), Cyber! (+49-4526-1897, sysop Fantasy), Minas Morgul II (+49-231-721-4266, sysop T.E.C.), MCI Escapes (+49-231-521-0674, sysop Enraged), The Arena BBS (405-677-0468/6231, sysop Roman), The Mute City (818-854-9802, sysop Mad Prince), 5th Dimension (614-837-0775, The Warrior), Manditory Suicide (502-893-7414, sysop Lood), 1st Degree (407-862-9987, sysop Copyright), Crewel Lye (713-432-0779, sysop Sought After), The Underground Oasis (201-xxx-xxxx, sysop Mr. Twister), R.O.I. (415-xxx-xxxx, sysop Sparkling Flash), Body Electric (216-591-0315, sysop Israfael), Black Gate (714-562-0618, sysop Avatar), Private Sector (405-321-3025, sysop No Carrier).

Features party report from 680xx Convention 1993 (august 1993).

Features an interview with Teddy.



Greg / Alcatraz Dec 1991

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