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Chat-o-Meter v2.0.9

by Mystic

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Filename: MST-COM2.LHA

Requires Ami-Express 3.38 or higher.

"Chat-O-Meter is a small tool that keeps track of all your chats, in particulair the length of all your chats with users. With this information it is able to create a nice looking bulletin that displays a Top Ten of all times. Besides that, it also saves the times of the chats per user. At the end of every chat, the user gets to see his or her personal information such as the overall score and total number of chats he/she was engaged in. This only takes up a small amount of time and hardly any disk space. The creation of the bulletin only takes up about 1 sec (on a standard machine, it's even quicker on 020+ systems) and the file size of a file that holds 400 users is about 3.5Kb."


Packed in:

Devious Dezigns Feb 1995

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