Easy Pack 0006

by Purple Haze

Advert for Aces High (0410), Basic Instinct, Checkpoint, Flashback, Genetic Waste, Pitstop



We assume the advertised bbs "Access High" is in fact Aces High.

Features Amiga Report Online Magazine #3.21 -- November 30, 1995 (amigaguide), HILLSEA LIDO - HD INSTALL by Dracs / Bad Karma (tool), Hillsea Lido "trainer"/savegames by Dracs/Bad Karma (tool), Full documentation to PENGUINS / Hellfire (textfile), CITADEL - CRACK FOR THE HD VERSION & INFO / Prodigy (tool), PTReplay.library version 6.3 (1995) by Mattias Karlsson / BetaSoft (tool), REQTOOLS VERSiON 2.3 (tools) and Virus Checker V8.3 CRACKED (171195) / sNAFU (tool).



SH1 / Hyperia Aug 1996

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