3-disk utility pack features AZComm 2.50, Disk Repair V2.6 (1990) by The Disk Mechanic, Lake Forest Logic Incorporated, Scene Generator version 2.11 (1990) by Natural Graphics, TRACKDOS V1.08 (1990) by Nic Wilson. Tune Up V2.6 (1988) by The Disk Mechanic, Lake Forest Logic Inc., Zoom! 4.1 (1990) by Olaf 'Olsen' Barthel / MXM, ZoomCheck by Olaf 'Olsen' Barthel / MXM, Brush Animator V1.1 by Pat Simmons, Cloud Gen, C-Monitor V2.02 (18.10.1986) by Andreas Hommel / DIAMOND-Software, PD Terrain Generator by Matthew Dillon, Disk-Master version 1.3 (1987) by Greg Cunninghjam / Nomad Development, Disk Scanner V1.0 by Rene' Feibicke and Thomas Lopatic, DiskX 2.2: The Jumpdisk Special Edition (3 march 1991) by Steve Tibbett, Kaliscope, Sample Scanner by Steven Lagerweij, SmartCopy v1.1 by U. Stahl (cracked by Black Monks), Disk WorkShop V2.7 (1988) by The Disk Mechanic, Lake Forest Logic Inc., Zap v2.04, CygnusEd Professional Release 2.12 (1990) by CygnusSoft Software, Deluxe Paint III Version 3.21 (1989) by Daniel Silva / Electronic Arts, Guardian, White Lightning, Dial 2.04 by Garrett Jost, Mirror Hack v1.0 (1986) by A.J. Calabrese, Stripper V1.1, Zero Virus III by Jonathan Potter, Area Code Finder Version 1.0 (January 6, 1991) by Scott Timberlake, Amiga-Copy V1.2 by R. Gelfand and S. Thubeauville, Fast 'Em V1.2 by G. Krämer / Turtle-Byte, Fast 'Em version 1.3 by Soft-Touch Inc. / Turtle-Byte, Super-Card AMI V2.2 (1990) by Jim Drew / Utilities Unlimited, Twilight Copy by MHZ, SuperBack (1988) by MKSoft Development & The Disc Company, TurboBackup V1.00 (22-Apr-88) by Steffen Stempel and Martin Kopp.


Pack contents

Power Peak Feb 1991
Italian Bad Boys and Mechanical Minds Inc.
OTT-Design Nov 1990
Darius Zendeh and Martin Zimmer 1989
Bamiga Sector One Jan 1988
Blizzard Nov 1987
Fairlight Jan 1990
Tristar 1990
Christian Haller and Christian Weber and René Straub
Defjam 1989
Tristar Jul 1990
Dragonballs 1988
Direct 1990
Mask / Axenon 1989
Triumph May 1990
Rainbow Trio May 1989
The Wizards Jul 1989
Steve Marshall May 1990
Fantasy and Unit One Inc. Nov 1990
AmigaLive 1990
Timo Rossi 1988
Supplex 1990
Tetragon 1988
Tetragon 1988
Triangle 1989
The New Masters Jun 1988
Albert J. Brouwer and Peter Struijk Mar 1990
Henrik W. Jensen 1989
F. Neuhaus and H. G. Berg 1987
System-Z Aug 1988
Blizzard 1988
Finnish Gold Jul 1988
Fast Team / KNS Crew Jun 1989
The New Masters 1988
Fairlight and North Star Sep 1988
Megaforce 1988
Possessed 1990
D-Mob Apr 1990
Dennis Schirmer and M. Cremer 1989
Peter van Campen Oct 1989
H. Hahn and P. Eberlein 1990

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