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Konami Arcade Classics (USA) +14 PAL/NTSC Selector

by Kalisto

Info file


Know something about this production that we don't?



Voyce Dec 1993

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ps1ch - 15:36 23 November 2022 #

I didn't find the patch/.ppf release nor the .nfo, therefore the exact cracktro release date is currently unknown. The scroll-text contains December 1999, but not the day. I did however find a .nfo file of a "Konami Arcade Classics (USA)" .iso release from Kalisto. They released the .iso on December 8th, 1999. Unfortunately, I didn't find whether the .iso was already pre-patch with this cracktro or if the patch was released separately. I added the .nfo of the .iso release to this page, perhaps it helps to track down more information.