Teenage X-Mas Intro 1999

by Teenage

Whheeeeeeeeee! It's a crappy 2-bitplane scroller OK so a bit about this intro... the gfx you can see now were done by Tier modified by The Berserker, only addition was the white to black dithered area, done rather quickly. Previously there was only one white line at the top MOD also by Tier. He did want to modify my gfx to get extra credit, but I wouldn't let him Other gfx, font, coding and scrolltext by The Berserker DSPMOD 3.4 and Audio Sculpture (Modified a bit ) are used for MOD replay. The previous screen isn't really finished but it'll have to do. Having in total taken less than a week to do, I didn't really have enough time to get it all working :P It's now 00:17 5th December 1999, once I've finished this and packed it, I'll sleep. Probably a bit longer than normal cos I'm nackered after a nearly solid week of mock exams :P So there won't be enough time to add anything more tomorrow. Hmmm... writing this crap is difficult, I've got no fucking ideas :P Jesus, doesn't even reach 2Kb yet. Ahhh yes, here's something funny Yesterday, errr... no Friday, one of the school bus (a double decker) had a slight technical problem, it drove into a ditch and ended up on its side The driver was apparently 'pissed off' Fortunately (or unfortunately ) No one was badly hurt. One person who didn't get on it cos of exam leave was complaining that all the interesting stuff happened while he wasn't there Errrmmm.... well it's now 01:02 and I haven't thought of anything else so I guess it's about time to finish. It didn't take 45 minutes to write that tho Thanks to EarX/FUN for adding a bit more optimization to this scroller's code, for his other suggestions and for his great tutorial, got to be one of the main reasons for me being able to use assembler now, even if crapily Finished tutorial should be out soon for all new coders Yule time greetings and best wishes for the millennium (in the order they came to my brain) go to: ST Survivor, Torment, Reservoir Gods, FUN, Arnel, Escape, Elite, Vectronics, Mind Design, Poets of Decay, Equinox, Popsy Team, Mystic Bytes, YesCrew, DHS, The Maggie Team, Franky, Checkpoint, Paranoia, Bassment, Wildfire, NoCrew, Atari.Org Team, Tat, MUG U.K., Cream, TSCC, Depression, FLA, Blind IO, Bredroll, Mad Max, Dune, Rich10, Monkey Man, John Gill, Gamer, DarkChyld and anyone I've forgot. W R A P . . . . .....



TiNKer / Teenage Dec 1999

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