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2019-06-26 14:48:49 sensenstahl Added link ftp://ftp.untergrund.net/users/sensenstahl/others/bbs/bad_obsession_bbs.zip
2018-02-25 12:59:00 sensenstahl Updated Friar's credit on Bad Obsession BBS: Code (Viewer)
2017-03-19 06:38:34 sensenstahl Added link https://www.pouet.net/prod.php?which=61334
2017-03-19 06:38:24 sensenstahl Set title to 'Bad Obsession BBS', types to BBStro, 8K Intro
2013-05-04 14:15:14 dipswitch Added credit for Friar Tuck on Bad Obsession: Code (Viewer)
2013-05-04 14:14:51 dipswitch Added credit for Shayde on Bad Obsession: Code (Player)
2013-05-04 14:13:45 dipswitch Added credit for Sonic on Bad Obsession: Music
2013-05-04 14:12:52 dipswitch Added credit for Virago on Bad Obsession: Graphics
2013-05-04 14:11:30 dipswitch Added screenshot
2013-05-04 14:11:24 dipswitch Added production 'Bad Obsession'