Flexi Glass ^oo^

by Cybernetics

-FlexiGlass ^oo^ is a STe remake (just for fun) of the screen we originaly made for Transbeauce 2 Coding Party (May 1991)
-To make this version we have restarted from scratch, because we had lost everything (picture, code...). For example we had to rip our own image from the Transbeauce 2 demo.
-The whole screen has been coded in asm 68000. It uses:
o STe extended color palette
o DMA sound : the sample is played in "Direct From Floppy". The sample (12.5 khz mono) is loaded step by step from the floppy disk while playing : this technic needs a little amount of memory (about 20Ko for buffering), and uses few CPU (less than a soundchip technique). Buffer filling control is done into the VBL interuption : it launchs a load process when necessary. Disk sectors loading is managed by the FDC interuption.

Includes a sample of The Man Machine by Kraftwerk.


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