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The Wave Of The Future aka Jam Colors, Plasma Sex

by Inner Circuit Explorers

Hey, this is Techwave... Drink TEA! And what's this? I call it Jam colors, Plasma sex or why not just Jam confrontation, Fucked jam or Color Shock or Near True color mode (there's only missing about 32000 colors)... ahh... Whattaheck Jam... Here's some keys: Use F9, F10 to toggle jam palette... and F1-8 to in- or de-crease the different movement variables! (UNDO will set the old start values...) Okey, everybody in the place... let's rock... In this text there will be written a whole lotta' things and I'm not really satisfied in general of writing scroll-texts, but this time it could be really fun... Don't ask my why but maybe it's because it will be my last one for a time... Anyway, I hope U will B with me! This jam is quite good. I'm using NO precalcs (?!) and it's because of that it's so flexible like a splash of jam! Interlaced jam... that's nice! Well, let's talk about demos on the ST and STE... Most of the demos is lacking of quality and orginality! But, it looks like there's a stream of light seen more often nowadays... and I don't only mean the ICE-crew now! The crews who I think of should know! Keep up the quality, wherever you are! (You are maybe few but you are damn good!) Well, what to say more... yeah, the Falcon030 seems great! If not only the heads of Atari screw this up, they should have a real winner... The MC56001 (DSP) ain't no shit! The limitations are few, they have expanded like a virus, man! That's good in some ways, but I hate viruses! Gosh, I really hate virus, now when I cross that subject, fuck everybody who code it... Even if I once was near to code one myself! Yes, I was seeing RED! I don't remember why, but it was maybe because of some serious disk-damage (and unsupporting!). And, I thought maybe then: Why so fucking little harm of the data when you can make it even bigger!!! But, I didn't make a virus 'coz it's so totally fucking brain-sucked! Okey... that's that... I'm thinking of writing some greetings, so let's do it! MEGA-GREETINGS AND LOTTA' THAT STUFF TO THE FOLLOWING CREWS and PEOPLE: IMAGINA, LYNX, OMEGA, ELECTRA, 2SMART4U (Nice name but do ya' bring a meaning to it?!), CRYSTALIC, KRUZ, AGGRESSION, ARMADA, TLH, IMPULSE, B.I. (A bunch of lamers...), PARANOIA, IMPULSE and all the smart, lovely, great, cool people who drink the drink of eternity - TEA! Well, that was the greetings for this time! I'm sure I missed some important people, but I'm just a human U know! Now let's talk about deep things... very -deep- thoughts! Do we exist? If, why do we live? What's life? Maybe a sort of unexpected creations! If, to whom? And, why the fuck could it be like that? This demo is dedicated to all the victims of human cruelty - the act of atrocity! Respect shown is respect taken! Respect taken is respect shown! Why don't why begin to respect eachother! What's mental? Manipulated neural networks! I see a near future there it will be a technology like never before... True AI, Organic computers, True Virtual reality... Genetic Cyborg stuff... Cybernetics at overall... It's a -technology wave- of no end! If ya' interested in this, especially in AI and that, why don't contact me!? Well... How long can you go! I can tip you listen to Front Line Assembly (Neural Implant)! That's extremly good, man! Heeeeeeeey!!! I'm now on the TLH and TFS party 23-25 October! Stay cold... that's hard sometimes! It's more than 200 people at this party... It's a nice party in almost any ways... I've just seen Omega's contribution to the demo-competition... FUUUUUUUUUCK Great Shit! I can almost say now it's going to win! HAHA! Maybe 'coz I haven't done a demo myself to the competition!HAHA! FUCK it AGAIN! I'm depressed... In the beginning there was NOTHING... Now... it's filled up with a lotta' shit! Write me now on this address: Tobias Nilsson Konvalescentv. 39 S-439 33 Onsala Sweden Signing off... We will maybe meet in eternity...

We, eternity... U live 4ever!



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