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SHIT (Super Hyper Intelligent Task)

by TNT-Crew

Know something about this production that we don't?

SHIT features a sample from 'The Fog' by The Splash Band which can be found on their album The Music Of John Carpenter.

Scroll-text: hey guys from north to south and from west to east ! we,the giant tnt-crew are back on the demo-scene .... this fucking st-computer-magazin ! as they printed out this lousy " dynamit auf dem bildschirm " , they called us "upc" (ultimate ...) .... big laughing around the world , the sprite-routine was absolutely not ultimate ! ....... as it was possible that our fans believed we are dead,we made this demo called "shit" (super hyper intelligent task) that means that this demo is only a message to our fans. the next great demo will be ready in april 1989,the birthday of samplemaster (like fnil ,did you enjoy it ?) greetings to : bladerunners (especially 42-crew thanx for your invitation to your party january 1989 , stcs , gigabyte-crew , sirius , tnt ) , union (??) to be or not to be,thats the question ! , howdy (we wish you the best for your future) , tex ( or "ex" ?) , mikel + nic from css (good trip by y-tours and a lot of black nuis :-) ) , delight (a bashful newcomer or "old"guys) , delta force (are you feeling like a bit now ?) , the untouchables (peter ullrich !) and last but not least to the programmer of warp ( we will crack if seeing it !) we wish all girls and boys a happy 1989 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ok , see you later in april 1989 ....


Packed in:

Ripped Off May 1991
STAX 1994

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