• Slideshow

The Honeycomb

by Tristar & Red Sector Inc.


Know something about this production that we don't?

The disk is dual-format, ocs/ecs and aga, and if you watch it on an ecs machine the aga pictures are rendered in black and white. It comes on two trackloaded disks, and autodetects if the second disk is in df1:. Release date is based on the text "a februarly'95 release" (sic) at the bottom of the 'contacts' page, choosable from the scrollers menu. Rewired states in his scroller that this was the first TRSI production in 1995. This slideshow already announces Fiver's second slideshow, "Efrafa", for the end of 1995. It was eventually released for Artwork in february 1996. The production "Phon-O-Bomb 4" is also announced, to feature Rewired, Mentallo and Fiver... but we doubt this was ever released. "Phon-O-Bomb" was a musicdisk series, originally released by Violence (volumes 1 and 2) and Acrid (volume 3).

The pictures are; The Beauty of Death (The Party 1992 competition picture), Blackout, Timebender, Olivia, No More Secrets!, To Chaplin, Cargirl, Debut (used in the "Cubic Dream" demo), Tussique, Chimaera, Taurus (The Party 1993 competition picture), Sexy Phonecall, Sorayama Cat, Heavy Metal (aga), Heavy Metal II (aga, 680xx Convention 1993 competition entry), Steel'o'Saur, Dating Kids and Plastic Scream. That's a total of 14 standard pictures, 5 aga pictures, and 10 hidden pictures, revealed using 'codewords'. All pictures except The Beauty of Death (1992) and Sorayama Cat (1994) were finished in 1993.

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