Golden Axe Cracktro

by The Empire

The Empire presents : Golden Axe, cracked, files, packed and trained by Illegal from The Fallen Angels ... Dis great intro was coded for me by -Proteus- hehe !. The Empire is composed of The Fallen Angels, The Marvellous V8, Nokturnal (Hi Rick) and my greetings are sent to : Innercircle ( Great muzak ! ), The Union, Automation ( Great packs ! ), Hotline ( Lotus keep it on ! ), Equinox, Mcoder, ST Connexion, RFA Alliance, Phalanx, Zae. Enjoy this game. French message to Steprate : Oreilien fils de rien, petit fils de rien etc.... ?!? As you wanna stay, here is a game for you , decode it : 4954204953204F42564494F55532054484154204C414D4552532048494444454E20494E2054484520464F4C4C4F57494E4720574F524453204F4620544845205343524F4C4C5445585420284F4E4C5920534F4D45204D454D42455253204C494B45204652454444592C4D415A4F555420414E4420434F2E2E2E29 ( I think I did not miss the codes ), Hey Replicants, are you sleeping ?. (WRAP)


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