Edit history for Bass

2021-10-14 03:05:19 dipswitch Updated Bass's membership of RAForce: set as ex-member
2021-10-14 02:49:51 dipswitch Added Bass as staff member of Oblivian
2021-10-14 02:49:14 dipswitch Added link https://web.archive.org/web/19990203003102/http://huizen.dds.nl/%7Ebass_obl/
2021-10-14 02:48:35 dipswitch Set location to Gemeente Hilversum, North Holland, Netherlands
2021-10-14 02:47:44 dipswitch Added credit for Bass on RAF-ZAP v0.43: Code
2021-10-14 02:46:55 dipswitch Added Bass as a member of RAForce